Claassen, Professional Corporation regularly advises clients in wage and hour disputes. Disputes over back wages, rest and meal breaks, work without pay, and late payment are governed by several laws, including the California Labor Code, the Fair Labor Standards Act, and other laws. These laws are complex and many employers can violate them without knowing it, including by:

  • Improper deductions from paychecks;
  • Failure to pay for necessary work preparation time or otherwise requiring employees to work off the clock;
  • Failure to pay overtime or miscalculating overtime;
  • Misclassifying employees as independent contractors;
  • Failure to pay at least minimum wage;
  • Late payment of wages;
  • Failure to pay commissions;
  • Misclassifying employees as exempt workers to avoid overtime; or
  • Failure to maintain workers compensation insurance. 

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Our firm often represents employees without charge in wage and hour disputes.*  

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* Certain restrictions apply. Please ask about what restrictions might apply to your case.  In the event that no recovery is obtained, clients might in some situations be responsible for the defendant's costs.

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