Past results are not a predictor of the results in other cases and are highly dependent on facts which may or may not apply.  Still, these are quotes, used with permission, from actual or recent clients:

John was responsive, completely engaged, very savvy, efficient and had reasonable fees. He was a pleasure to work with and was responsible for concluding the litigation successfully. I was the defendant and we settled for a remarkably small amount. I was VERY happy with John’s representation.
— former mayor of Bay Area community & technology entrepreneur.
John is an honest, hard-working guy. He goes above and beyond in his services. I appreciate those qualities. I am very happy with the results I received.
— J.S., a plaintiff.
I have known John Claassen for several years now and feel very fortunate to have a professional relationship with someone of his integrity to be able to lean on in times of distress. He is so clear with the reality of the situation and how to proceed and take action. I have such confidence in his strategy that I defer most of the decision making to him. He has gone to “bat” and battled for me on numerous occasions and seen me through some very stressful situations.

John has persevered on my behalf until a reasonable outcome has been negotiated. His intelligence and integrity are well respected by members of the judicial system and to go before a
Judge with John on my side has been a winning confidence.

If I do need to call an attorney, it is John Claassen that I want in my corner. He is trustworthy and sincerely honors the client/attorney relationship. I have the utmost confidence in him and would and have recommended him to several of my friends and colleagues.
— Joan Metzger, Mendocino Coast