Our law firm has deep experience in the representation of creditors and debtors alike in collections matters and commercial litigation.     


In addition to representing, debtors, Claassen, P.C. has deep experience representing creditors when someone does not pay the bill.

Collections Defense

Sometimes creditors pursue alleged debts that they have no right to pursue or act abusively to collect debts.  Moreover, many great businesses and people at some point in their lives run into financial troubles.  Entrepreneurs and businesses make financial risks.  That is what they are supposed do.  Good people too sometimes take on more debt than they can handle through no fault of their own. 

 Our law firm prides itself on its defense of businesses, entrepreneurs, and people who are unfairly sued in collections lawsuits in the San Francisco Bay Area and throughout California.  It sometimes vigorously defends its clients in court.  It sometimes works to obtain negotiated resolutions.  In each case, it works to help its clients come through the collections action standing firmly on their own two financial feet by a reduction or elimination of the amount claimed by the creditor.  To speak with an experienced debt defense attorney today, please call (510) 251-8010 or click here.

 Claassen, P.C. cannot represent or guarantee that its services will result in a benefit to prospective clients.  We have found that in the majority of cases we agree to take, the debt is materially reduced after taking into consideration the fee and costs we charge.  Still, consumers should bear in mind that bankruptcy can be a better choice than defending a collections case – especially when someone is faced by collections demands from numerous creditors or the debts are substantial.  Taxing authorities sometimes levy income tax for debt forgiveness.  A loss of a case can result in a substantially higher debt than if had not been contested.  You should speak to an attorney of your choosing about how best to approach a collections action brought against you.