People's homes and rental properties often represent a large portion of their net worth.  Depending on local ordinances, their homes might be subject to numerous code requirements, including zoning restrictions, blight ordinances, sign ordinances, building maintenance codes, and other local restrictions.  Building departments sometimes levy large fines and penalties for alleged violations without regard to the importance of the property in people's lives.

  Our firm takes pride in representing property owners who have been unfairly targeted by local building departments for alleged zoning, blight, and building maintenance violations in the Bay Area and elsewhere in California.  Led by John Claassen, the firm defends property rights vigorously at the local level and, if necessary in superior court through petitions for writ of mandate. For questions about how the firm help defend clients from unreasonable local regulation, please call (510) 251-8010 or click here

  DLSE Proceedings. The firm also routinely appears in wage and hour hearings throughout California before the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement.