Our firm represents clients in First Amendment and Anti-SLAPP litigation.       

  Through our Anti-SLAPP practice, the firm vigorously defends our clients' First Amendment rights of free speech and petition. California's Anti-SLAPP statute (short for strategic lawsuit against public participation) found in California Code of Civil Procedure section 425.16, is a powerful protector of Constitutional free speech and petition rights. If a defendant successfully bring an Anti-SLAPP motion, the offending action is dismissed and the prevailing defendant is awarded her attorney's fees. The firm's lead attorney, John Claassen, is highly experienced at asserting anti-SLAPP motions and successfully dealing with them when they are (rarely) brought against his clients.

  Defamation, Libel & Slander. When our firm is not defending clients' Constitutional rights, its defamation practice vigorously defends the reputations of public figures, public officials, and others who believe they have been unfairly caught up in public controversy. The firm has considerable experience asserting claims of libel, slander, false light, and trade disparagement.  It wields these claims aggressively to protect its clients' reputations in public and in the marketplace.

  If you would like more information today about how our aggressive protection of clients' reputations or their First Amendment right of free speech might be of service to you, please call (510) 251-8010 or click here.